Master Guide In Training
2019 Dates

10th February - MIT Orientation Day - Advent Centre

10th March - MIT Orientation Day - Stanborough School

14th April - Training Day – Advent Centre

3rd - 5th May - Training Weekend 1

7th – 9th June - Training Weekend 2 

19th – 21st July - Training Weekend 3 

6th – 8th Sept - Training Weekend 4 

Please note that in order to complete the programme you are required to attend ONE Orientation day, ALL FIVE training sessions in the year of registration.
On completion of the training you must also attend at least TWO support sessions (dates to be advised).


Course registration fee is £175 - Registration forms available from SEC office

Payment Terms


Payable at the orientation day on 10th February or 10th March

OR in two instalments as   follows


Payable at the orientation day on 10th February or 10th March


Payable at the Training Day on Sunday 14th April

Included in this payment is the cost of the training, your folder & dividers, one M.I.T T-shirt & one M.I.T sweatshirt.


Please note the following:

  • All training must be completed in 2019.
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Therefore if you cannot attend all of the dates specified above please defer your registration.
  • If training sessions are missed due to an unavoidable event that occurs after you have commenced your training, you will need to attend the missed sessions in the next training cycle and you will be charged an additional amount at that time.
  • On completion of the programme you will be required to purchase a Master Guide scarf & woggle, the Master Guide epaulettes, the Master Guide Chords, any honours that you have completed and any other insignia that is required to complete the uniform. Further information about these costs will be made available at the appropriate time. ****The cost of these items is not included in the registration fee****



M.I.T’s are required to wear the M.I.T field uniform at the M.I.T camps and support days. The M.I.T field uniform consists of the M.I.T green hoody, M.I.T green Polo shirt, black bottoms, Pathfinder scarf and Pathfinder woggle.
The M.I.T fleece/hoody, Pathfinder scarf and Pathfinder woggle are available for purchase from the S.E.C however the cost of the fleece/hoody is included in the course fee and this will be available for you to collect at the 1st Training Weekend.





Please note that the S.E.C will only be providing training! You will need to bring everything else that you need for the weekend. You must make your own eating, sleeping, travel and general wellbeing arrangements. Please note that you will be camping for all 4 weekends.

It is recommended that you include the following on your weekend camp inventory list:

  • Notebook and pen.
  • Full Dress Uniform.
  • Waterproof footwear in case it rains – hiking boots are best.
  • Socks – We recommend that you bring at least 6 pairs.
  • Toiletries – Including a toothbrush and deodorant.
  • Tent – avoid popup tents.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat.
  • Camp stove and cooking utensils.
  • Food and eating utensils.
  • Waterproofs, base layer and other warm clothing
  • Personal first aid kit.
  • Plastic bags to keep clothes dry in case of flooding.

Items provided by the S.E.C and available for collection at the 1st training weekend:

  • M.I.T Folder
  • M.I.T Fleece/Hoody


Your course fee includes the cost of a folder and a USB.  These items will be available for collection at the training day in April and will be given to those who have paid their fee.



The SEC M.I.T programme can be completed in a minimum of one year. This is because the trainee is expected to be a Pathfinder, Adventurer or Sabbath School staff member for one year, while engaged in the M.I.T programme.  If trainees are unable to complete the programme in one year they will have a further two years to complete the programme. M.I.T’s are discouraged from taking longer than three years to complete the training and may be asked to restart the programme if they haven’t completed it within three years. The official end date for the M.I.T programme commencing February/March 2019 is Rally Day 2020.


All M.I.T assessments will be done by the SEC and not by local club staff. You will be provided with the assessment dates and you are required to attend a minimum of 2 assessments.


Acknowledgement sheets have been prepared and can be downloaded from These forms are to be used by club leader to verify that the M.I.T is working in the local club, has taught the necessary honours, has planned and executed a field trip etc. This is the only form that will be accepted by the assessors for this purpose.



The investiture service which will mark the end of this programme is to be held in November 2020. M.I.T’s intending to be invested at that time must ensure that all of their work is completed and signed off by the assessment day that will take place in September 2020.
Please note that all Church Heritage work must be submitted by 31st July.  

An SEC Master Guide Investiture Service will be held once per year going forward. This will be the only opportunity for the M.I.T to be invested.



To register interest in the 2019 M.I.T programme you will need to complete a MIT application form and pay the appropriate fee. 

The final date for receipt of your application form and registration fee is at the Orientation day on 10th February or 10th March 2018



All information relating to this training programme will be found on the SEC Area 6A & 6D Website:


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Carolyn Daniel   
Mob: 07944381985