Certificate of Operation


The Certificate of Operation is designed to give public recognition to the Pathfinder club and its leadership. This certificate must be on full public display, showing church recognition of the accomplishments of the local Pathfinder club.




  1. Participate in Conference-planned activities.


  1. Operate an active Pathfinder club programme for nine months per Pathfinder year.


  1. Submit to the local conference Pathfinder Director the following:
    • Pathfinder club outline for the year.
    • Pathfinder annual budget.
    • Pathfinder club membership (names and addresses) at the beginning of each Pathfinder quarter.


  1. Schedule Pathfinder leadership growth within the Pathfinder club staff.



  • Director – Took Pathfinder Staff Training Course, read “How to Understand Junior Youth”


  • Counsellor – Read “ Better Ways to Know the Child”
  • Counsellor – Attended the Pathfinder Officers Retreat.


  1. Calendar progression in the Pathfinder class requirements.


  1. Send Pathfinder club quarterly report by the first month in each quarter throughout the year.


  1. Public liability Insurance


  1. DBS


  1. Building Inspection Certification


  1. First Aider